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The HALL Group team is well versed on how credit score can impact your purchase and what strings you need to pull in order to make things work. We don’t just buy or sell your home; we prepare you for a lifetime of prosperity!

The Hall Group, founded in 2016. A Maine Real Estate Agency geared toward providing clients with knowledgeable and customer driven agents.

A Keller Williams Realty agent. Tyler has climbed to the top 5% of all Keller Williams Agents (the largest agency in Maine) in just a year through the #FlipTheSwitch movement. A top solo agent as well as the Winner of the Rookie Of The Year Award.
At Maine Real Estate, we look to provide our clients with an added value of working with us. That's why we offer drone services to couple with your listing.

Our goal is to help you sell your home quickly and efficiently by reaching buyers everywhere. No matter what kind of property you are looking to sell, we can work together on producing aerial photos that will help improve the quality of your listing. Let’s get your property in the pipeline and improve your ability to sell.
Why is it so important to trust in your realtor? Because you are entrusting them to make educated decisions with your money. A realtor's success relies on yours. That's why you sometimes hear about shady realtors. The foundation of Maine Real Estate is built on trust and transparency.

Real estate investments will fuel the life you are looking for in the future. Start your portfolio with a Maine Real Estate agent that can walk you through the process!