Buyer Found - Deal Closed

A co-operative real estate network

The Wholesale Network works with investors and other wholesale companies in the state of Maine and all over the nation. It is our mission to continue expanding and helping other wholesalers market, show, and sell their properties.

Currently Maine's largest real estate wholesaler with over 80 properties in its network. The Wholesale Network aims to move nation wide with virtual techniques to buy and sell property.

We specialize in finding homes off market and selling them to our network of investors, flippers, and home buyers! Want to join us? Don't hesitate to reach out today about staying in tune with our latest additions to the network.
We offer move in ready properties for all types. Are you looking for a steal on an off market property? The good news is, you are in the right place.

Finding you dream home isn't always the easiest thing to do. We can't guarantee you will find it with The Wholesale Network, but we can assure you that the odds are very good you will land a home that helps you gain instant equity. After all... who wants to pay a premium price for their home?
Investors... we are your dream station. Our team hits the phone every single day pulling in new properties daily. As of right now we have nearly 50 properties that are at all stages of the process! From lease options, to short sales, to just straight up wholesale deals!

Remember... the market is full of lemons and plums. The lemons remain on the market for some time and the plums go as fast as they come in. By staying in tune with the Wholesale Network, you gain insider access to execute on the best deals on the market today.