Fund Your Empire

Residential, Commercial, Flips, Holds

Empire Capital is a private real estate lending company, seeking to help people grow their own real estate business. The company was founded on the demand of individuals seeking capital to fund their first investment property.

Empire Capital is one of the leading Private Real Estate Lending companies in the Portland area. With some of the lowest rates... we have been able to breach the market quickly and supply our clients with top of the line funding for their real estate investment needs.

Not only do we help finance your next investment, we offer you honest advice on the outlook of the investment opportunity. With our experience and market knowledge, we can provide with an added value that others simply can't.
What is a private lender? A private lender is some individual or company that was formed for the sole purpose of lending money; not through government regulation.

Why would you choose a private lender? Because you really don’t need your own money or good credit to work with us. We serve as your building block.

Empire Capital is here to help you get the jump start on the investing portfolio you've been waiting for.
Private lending helps you get money fast for your next flip or renovation.

Are you an investor looking to purchase and renovate a rental property without a conventional mortgage? You can use a private money loan to buy a property and wait until you can get approved for a conventional mortgage.

With private lending, you can now compete with cash buyers for the best available properties on the market.