How often do you begin working toward a goal and suddenly find yourself losing track after a few days or weeks? Much of this can be attributed to the battle against yourself. One of the first steps to being more disciplined is to acknowledge where problems exist.
You’ve laid out a game plan and have your goals in sight, but that doesn’t mean life can’t derail everything you’ve worked so hard for. Building strength as a person will help you overcome issues whether they be large or small.
Reinforcing a positive mindset can be as powerful as anything you do. If you are driven to reach your goals, maintaining positive thinking can be the critical edge that sends you over the top.
Find leadership skills in lessons learned through your goal setting journey. Form your own processes and build relationships with others who have similar goals. You make yourself stronger by surrounding yourself with people who share similar interests.

Critical Path - Self Checkpoints & Accountability

It’s crucial to understand the critical path (or the shortest possible route to the destination) and what checkpoints are dependent on other checkpoints being reached. This understanding is essential in developing the plan that will provide the quickest route to success.


If you aren’t setting difficult/realistic goals, you are setting yourself up for failure. It’s important to have bigger picture goals to visualize where you want to be, but its equally as important to set goals that will help build yourself to the top.

The whole point in goal setting is to motivate yourself to achieve something. Then you insert the hard work. Are you willing to do everything it takes to achieve this goal? Because then you need to ask yourself if you will be willing to invest the required amount of time and energy its going to take to get where you want to be.


To be a productive goal setter, you’ll want to get more specific with your goals. You will always be bound to miss goals because you are only human, however, if you’re shooting for the bulls eye on the on the board, the odds of you missing it are much smaller. Establishing and executing on the fine details help you stay on track with larger goals.

Apply this concept in your life and you’ll begin finding that your aim starts to get better and better as time goes on.


If you already set reminders in your life, you already know how much it can improve your life. Being able to succeed has a lot to do with being on top of your game.

Use a calendar application or email calendar to set reminders about things you want to remember in the future.

If one thing is for sure, I can guarantee that you will reach your goals faster if there are constant reminders of what you need to do in order to get there.


The more you learn the more confident you become. One of the most significant things that separates those who reach their goals and those who don’t is that people who succeed are constantly learning new things and discovering new and better ways of doing things.

By educating yourself and gaining experience the results will continue to improve. An added level of consistency and repetition push you toward your goals even faster.


Take a minute to self-reflect and evaluate how you are doing. Think about the what the goals were, compare it to the quality of your effort. Does everything match up? It’s important to support a honest relationship with ourselves.

Constantly re-evaluate your goals. This is particularly important because it can save you from wasting time on something you don’t want, or that you stay on a course with a goal you are certain you want to pursue.


Holding yourself accountable can be a very challenging thing to do. With influences all around, we are constantly bombarded with interference between us and our goals.

Find others who have the same or similar goals as you do. There is no better way to hold yourself accountable than being around people who support you. When the going gets rough, you’ll have encouragement in your corner.

The Choice Is Yours

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