Josh McKelvey
Digital Marketer
Journal Your Thoughts

Why I journal everyday…📖 Two years ago I bought a black book just like this one. It took me a year but I eventually filled it. This is my second one and it’s coming to a close.

Lately business has been going so well, and I’m BEYOND grateful 🙏🏼. BUT work can become very consuming and stressful.

I noticed that I was stressing out all the time thinking about clients and it was beginning to affect my workouts and my relationships. I knew I had to set some boundaries. Can you relate?

There’s a certain side of me that I’m never going to lose. In fact, that side is coming out on me more and more every day. This is the side of me that realizes just how crazy life is that we’re even here on this planet experiencing this wild shit.

For some people life is a wild adventure filled with experiences most people can’t even dream of. This is the vision I have for my life…but it hasn’t always been easy to believe that I could actually do it.

There’s no write or wrong way to journal, but I do think there are certain exercises that will help to get the most benefits out of it.

I take the time to journal everyday becsuse it keeps me connected with who I am at my core, and it reminds me to not act of of fear of losing clients or keeping them happy, but acting out of a deep rooted feeling of love and service.

I think it’s important to notice the difference.